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DNA was Sevan's first track after starting his journey as a solo artist, but he released the track after 5 years! It's an instrumental piece that takes you on a journey inside your veins to accompany your DNA and feel their movement, roaring, and growth.

This is Sevan's last single track before the release of tracks from his new album


DNA 3000.jpg


Alashkart is an Armenian folk song dedicated to Anahit (the goddess of fertility and healing, wisdom and water in Armenian mythology). this Armenian folk song which is performed by Susanna Najarian with her unique voice, is a combination of electronic and modern music, which will give you an interesting feeling of the past and the future.




Conscience, featuring a great Armenian singer Diana Simonian from Denmark, with beautiful voice. 

The lyrics is about the things that happen around us.

Sevan says :

"The idea came to me when I saw people on instagram showcase themselves as someone they're not. Depressed and nervous people who show themselves happy and relaxed. There is nothing wrong if a person doesn’t show their weakness and fear, but if they show the opposite of that fear and weakness, they are lying to those around them and this can have a negative effect on the lives of others who are also struggling with the same weakness and fear."


The bug20 is an experience from 2020
What happened in the world from the first day of 2020, and It got heavier over time.
The track begins with a hazy melody, like the beginning of any vague year that you can’t predict, good or bad.
Over time, the sounds become louder, like what happened in the world.
The assassination of an Iranian Commander, coups that took place in different countries.
human error in Iran caused the plane crash, the meteorite that threatened the Earth, and the planetary war that disrupted energies.
Death of a popular Iranian singer,
Koalas burning in a bushfire in Australia.
And you can hear all the incidents like a hallucination.
And at the end, the explosion of the year, 
the voice of a soldier singing in the forest in the Artsakh-Azerbaijan war. And another year begins with the same hazy melody that started in 2020.

new innovative mixing and mastering, 3D space spatial experience, which sits well within the context of engineering immersive sounds. The goal has been to induce listeners to feel a sense of 3D space when listening to our sounds.

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