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Second track from the new album will released on June 14 2024.

The track is titled "HARF". A piece in Persian about the DOs and DO'NTs that have been imposed on us. 

Stay tuned to hear Sevan's Words in Persian.


Sevan's second album is also in the making. The music is ready and he is busy recording the vocals. The album is called “A HOPE FROM DESPAIR”, which will contain nine tracks. Five tracks in English, one track in Armenian, and one track in Persian. The first track of album will also be instrumental.  In this album, Sevan returned to his old style, Electronic/Electronica/Ritual Electronic, and started singing, what he used to do a lot in Wednesday Call. The theme of the songs is about fear, dream, reality, life, challenges, distrust & survive. Like the previous album, this album will also be released as 9 single tracks, and at the end it will be available as an album.

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