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Sevan Shahmirian was born in Tehran, Iran. From a very young age, he started playing the keyboard and as he got older, he started singing in the school choir per his father’s suggestion. At the age of 21, he formed the electronic rock band                                with his brother’s best friend Arin, and they started working professionally on their own music. They released 3 albums.


















After moving to Armenia in 2018, he started working on his solo music in electronica/downtempo genre and released his first album in August 2021. Sevan says : in my first album I was trying to find the correct genre and mood. The album is comprised of seven tracks all dealing with the theme of his morality! The album is available on all music streaming platforms. Before released               , he released two single tracks, the first one was       which is popular among the fans. And the second one was                             , the track searched by fans on Shazam more than 550 times. Sevan released another single tracks after months.             with Armenian singer & songwriter Miqayel Voskanyan. 

After                     live performance in Yerevan, Armenia, and filming the live, he started to release the videos of it on his 








"Wednesday Call" started with Sevan and Arin - 2007, Tehran-Iran

Sevan in his first live performance "The Wave" - 2022, Yerevan-Armenia

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