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Komitas Main Cover.jpeg

The first and foremost person of importance for Sevan is Komitas. A cleric, musical theorist, composer, orchestra leader, instrument player, master of educational science... This is why he named his first song of the album after him. The voice of Komitas can be heard in this piece, he's reciting a piece of 'Lory Gutanerg" and after it is finished, the song enters a modern dimension; as if Sevan opens a portal from the familiar simplicity into modernity and prepares the listener to take a journey into the depths of the album.

02. ECHO


The four-minute instrumental energy boost makes you move. This is what Sevan does to his pupils as an athletic coach. This music was to be called This is Me at first, but after Vahe and Farshad told Sevan that it sounds a bit racist, they changed the title to Echo. Sevan has made this song using his fans’ point of view; an energetic and athletic man, and a bit hot-headed. At the end of the song, the voice of Benoit Mandelbrot, a French-American mathematician who is named the father of Fractal Geometry, is utilized, he is heard saying:   

"Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end. "

What is meant to be said in Echo, and the only time where Sevan wanted to talk about his album is here. Vahe Abed in his cover art, has demonstrated Echo’s movement by a red string that catches the eye. Mixing and mastering was done by Farshad Shokuhfar in a way that makes you want to punch your opponent in a boxing match when you listen to it at full volume. 


Spurious Obsession.jpeg

Spurious Obsession is Electronica/Downtempo and it is without vocals but it utilizes the voice of Alan Watts, British-American philosopher, writer and scholar; it talks about anxiety. The melody is relatively chill but carries some anxiety with it; as if someone who has been struggling with anxiety is talking. Sevan has suffered from Hypochondriasis not long ago and he talked about it in the musical form. The cover art was designed in the shortest possible time at the request of Sevan by Vahe Abed; it is a picture of human skull with a red dot in it. In that red spot, certain hormones are produced which cause anxiety. Mixing and Mastering was done by Farshad Shokuhfar in such an elegant way that you hear every note. 


Formidable Cover.jpeg

The eight-minute-long Formidable is Electronica/Downtempo. Sevan believes this song is just like him in his characteristics, he feels it with his flesh and bone. He has written the lyrics himself, only four lines but deep, Sevan wrote that for his own path going forward and himself; although he believes anyone can interpret the lyrics as they see fit for their lives. 

An inspirational lyric that will not accept surrender. Because the lyrics and the melody are related to Sevan, Vahe Abed has used Sevan’s face for the cover art and depicts a thick book that suggests there’s a deeper story than meets the eye. Mastering  mixing was done by Farshad Shokuhfar in way that you can feel the power of this song all whilst being calmed by it. 

05. DOZE


Doze is placed in Electronica/Downtempo genre, can also be considered Chill music. The title was chosen this way because of this; Sevan believes Doze to be the chilliest song in the album and it helps to digest the rest of the six songs like peppermint! This is why mint was chosen as the cover art by Vahe Abed; he designed it in less than a week. The soothing voice of a girl singing Armenian Folk music will remind you of your childhood naps, as is suggested by the title of the song. The singer is Parik Nazarian, a well-known Folk artist; she as an Iranian-born Armenian. Mastering & mixing was done by Farshad Shokuhfar in way that is deep and sad, with occasional kick bass that you can feel with your body. 


Photo Jul 23, 2 51 30 PM.jpeg

This is the only protest song of the album. It’s as if Sevan has not left his old rock and roll habits and has dedicated a piece to this subject. A protest to modernization of everything, control and even the cells of the body. This is the second and the last piece where Sevan sing vocals. It gets more interesting; Sevan had written this piece before Covid-19 pandemic, and yet the lyrics are completely relevent.



One of the old pieces that were done in collaboration with Wednesday Call but was never recorded, until Sevan decided to use it in his own solo album. The last song of the album that conveys the feeling of an albatross flying over a foggy sea; a flight that Sevan saw with his own eyes over the Sevan Lake of Armenia and was immediately drawn to it, the very last recorded voice of Farhad Mehrad, a legendary Iranian musician, was used because Sevan's utmost respect towards him.

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